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Fitness Testimonals - Colleen/Personal Trainer


Mark Corlett MacRealty Realtor Personal Training Client Group Fitness Client

You may have just seen my Video so you know my story. I needed a Total Re-Boot and needed to find the Right Place. It did not take long to find Oasis Training and Did I Ever Get Lucky! Colleen, Ben & Heather are amazing trainers & people who Really Care about You, your Results & Goals. It is not just about lifting weights, but about learning a New Way of Healthy Living! I have lost weight, increased muscle, I eat better, sleep better and I have way more energy which translates into being way more productive at work and I am Truly Happier than I been in years! The Gym is my new Religion!!! I posted a picture on Facebook 3 months after starting at the gym and a long time friend who I have not seen me in awhile commented…. Wow..is that you? Good on You!!!


Tracy Parsons dedicated to her fitness attending personal training and group fitness for weight loss

"I am so grateful! Thank you Colleen for giving me the chance to fulfill my potential. Your support and commitment to excellence in an atmosphere of respect and dignity is so inspiring!"

KARLI DAVIES - BC FERRIES personal trainer experience

Testimonials Personal Training at Oasis Training

"Colleen is an incredible woman of many talents. It may sound like a cliché, but she has actually changed my life. She has brought fun and joy back into my workouts and has me reaching for goals I never thought possible. She makes you feel very comfortable no matter your level of fitness and creates an atmosphere in which your desire to succeed tenfolds. She has upped my level of confidence at the gym more than I could ever have imagined."


Heidi and Les love their Sat personal training and variety that Colleen, Personal Trainer provides.

"Colleen does partner weight training for my fella and I.  We are at different fitness levels yet she manages to give us both a good work out.  She knows her stuff including how to work around injuries and she's full of energy.  There's a lot of hard work combined with joking and laughs!

We love our workouts with Colleen."


Personal Training Group Fitness

"Colleen has incredible knowledge of the human body and how to create a workout that best suits your body type and exercise goals.  I like her workouts as she won’t let me cheat. I see better results because of it. She is a multi-talented personal trainer. I trust her wholly with my personal development and my fitness program.


Testimonial Oasis Training

"Fun! Loving, caring, educated female teacher<3"


Testimonial Oasis Training Personal Training Group Fitness

"I love going to Oasis training 3 days a week. At last I am using weights to sculpt my body and increase my strength. Weights have always been too boring but with Colleen it is fun, the time passes so quickly and the results are clearly visible.....I love it!"
I am so fortunate to have her expert training available to me. 




I turned up at Colleen's Strength Training for Weight Loss course on crutches with some very good friends and family in December 2015. By early January of 2016 our group was attending regular sessions at Oasis Training 3 times a week. During that time I have gone from crutches, to a cane, to limping, walking, and now running on the treadmill! 

May 25th I was thrilled to share the milestone of being the first women at the Oasis Gym to bench press 100 pounds with my daughter Jane Berry. 

The journey between each goal has been fun and well supported here at Oasis. We work hard, laugh a lot, and celebrate each and every personal best within our training group. 

I feel safe during the training, while being pushed towards what I never even dreamed I was capable of. 

Today I am stronger, more confident, and looking forward to reaching my next goal....and then the next...and then..who knows!... 

Suzanne H.


Patricia Gray Personal Training Client Group Fitness Oasis Training

I have been training with Colleen for almost three years, both personal sessions and group training. Colleen is the most knowledgeable and encouraging person I have ever worked out with. I used to have so many workout injuries but with Colleen I rarely ever have them anymore. Time with Colleen is motivating and fun and I have the results I have always wanted... stronger, fitter, good muscle tone and energy. I would highly recommend Colleen’s gym.


Group Fitness Strength Training Personal Training at Oasis Training

As a physio, I first became aware of Oasis Training thru clients of mine who trained with Colleen. I was so impressed with the results and Colleen's mindful approach to training through injuries that I am confident referring clients to Colleen.  I began my personal journey working out with Colleen in Jan 2017. With Colleen, I have been able to transform my body and gain strength so that at 56 I feel stronger than I did at 50. Well done!


Jane at Oasis Training Group Fitness Classes

Colleen's gym has been a life saver for me over the past 2.5 years. I have been enjoying the combination of regular fitness classes and personal training sessions. Love her high energy, positive feedback and the laughter! Thank you Colleen and Oasis Training!


Cathy Code fitness first Personal Training with Colleen Preston Oasis Training

Colleen helped me run my first 1/2 Marathon and made it so exciting for me even if I didn't want to do it. No matter what, she was there. Now I am rehabilitating a broken arm and she has helped me regain strength and mobility when I didn't think I could.


Partner Training at Oasis Training Colleen Preston

if you want to enjoy your way to better health and fitness , don't even think about it. this is the place. I would not want to be without Colleen's training and support.