About Us

Colleen Preston - Owner, Trainer, Speaker, Author

Colleen has been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years. Her vision has always been to help others succeed. 

From writing Microsoft and other training manuals, teaching Microsoft Certification courses to becoming a successful trainer, speaker and gym owner, she previously owned 3 locations that provided employment for over 12 trainers. 

She also provides exercise nutrition and personal development workshops for setting goals and specializes in PTSD and Trauma workshops to help overcome obstacles to health and business success. 

Currently, she thoroughly enjoys her "Oasis" on the Sunshine Coast where she is developing a retreat center for Personal Development programs for Corporate or individuals seeking to rise to the next level in their lives. She is also the Nomination Policy Advisor for the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame.

The principles she uses to guide her own life and business are easily transferred into assisting clients with their goals and desires. 

As a facilitator and trainer she takes the time to research and find out exactly what clients want and aims to deliver only the best.


  • Marine First Aid & CPR-C
  • CanfitPro Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Leader
  • Sport-Specific Trainer
  • Training Female Athletes
  • Physiology of Aging
  • Rehabilitation of the Knee/Hip/Shoulder​
  • Advanced Weight Trainer L2
  • Exercise Nutritionist
  • Sea Kayak Guide (SKGABC)
  • FitFlow Yoga Instructor
  • Kickboxing Trainer
  • Bootcamp Instructor (Survivor Bootcamp 2000)
  • Marine Radio Operator Ticket 



Trainers & Affiliates

Heather Banfield, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader


Heather has developed a broad set of training tools in her 20 years in the health and fitness arena. Formerly, a ranking competitive ameteur bodybuilder in BC, Heather has gone on to become a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, a Registered 500hr Yoga Teacher and a Level 1 Crossfit Instructor. 

Passionate about her current studies in biomechanics, she is skillful in coaching quality movement  - from general applications for improved quality of life in reducing pain and increasing vitality to specific applications needed to break plateaus in strength and conditioning. Heather’s holistic approach delivers steady and solid results whatever your unique circumstances may be.

Heather firmly believes - you are meant to be strong - at every age. Compassionate and warm, she brings a practical command of knowledge to her work; skillfully prescribing Strength Training, Olympic lifting, Natural & Bodyweight Movement, Conditioning and Corrective Exercise to keep you continually reaching your goals as you progress through your unique journey. In addition to coaching a wide range of classes, Heather offers both private group and personal training. Heather is further developing her skills to become a Certified Conditioning Coach and a Restorative Exercise Specialist.

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Charlene SanJenko, President PowHerHouse


Builder of Strong Women Who Lead.​  

Charlene has been lifting weights for over half her life.  A former full-time personal trainer, facility owner, competitive athlete and coach, Charlene now takes on clients who are serious to transform and maximize their energy, performance and confidence - for a powHERful purpose.​ She is available to train clients on a part time basis as she continues to empower women with her PowerHerHouse media group. 

Robin Willier, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader


Oasis Training is proud to be associated with Robin Willier, Personal Trainer & Chef at Indigenous Creations Catering on our team. 

Robin is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer with 8 years experience from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). He has worked with a wide variety of clients including athletes, physiology of aging and rehabilitative clients. He even trained the staff at the Workers Compensation Board. 

He comes from a multi-sport background and strongly believes working out should be something that you enjoy! He incorporates activities such as outdoor workouts, biking, hiking, runs, kickboxing, bootcamp/crossfit style and of course stretching. He is personable and attentive to a client's needs. His gluten-free menu is also an asset and is growing!! 

Call or email to book an assessment anytime:  604-993-1888