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Personal & Professional Development

Fit for Business Fit for Life

Colleen Preston Presenter, Author, Writer, Workshops

Your business success is directly related to your personal condition but you also must have your business systems and team in place. Do you have your personal life in order and do you have your business systems in place? Who is on your team?

The Vines That Bind Us

The Vines Workshop written and presented by Colleen Preston

Do you want to be free? Do you want success in life and business? What is holding you back? Discover your "vines" and develop a plan to remove them with tools to "clear the garden" and plant new thoughts and decisions for success. 

Strength Training 101

Be Strong Personal Training Strength Training at Oasis Training

Why is strength training important over 40? What are the benefits and how do you start?

Strength Training for Fat Loss

Strength Training for Fat Loss at Oasis Training

Find out how and why strength training helps you improve your energy system and metabolism. Gain knowledge of how your body responds to nutrition and exercise and learn techniques to gain confidence at the gym!