The Vines That Bind Us

What is this about?

The Vines That Bind Us Workshop was written and developed by Colleen in 2012. 

The workshop is a 10 hour program over 4 weeks (or it can be done at a retreat over 3 days). It is designed to assist any individual who is ready to explore their "self-sabotaging" thoughts and actions and create new habits. Defining moments and events in one's life may have created responses to these events that control our decision-making ability either consciously or subconsciously. 

The "vines" in the workshop are an analogy of a lie we believe based on events, moments or thoughts we have experienced that strangle us from becoming who we are truly meant to be. 

Each session steps into a level of self-evaluation simultaneously with your dreams and goals for your life. 

By the end of the workshop you will have moved closer to understanding how and why you make decisions, when and why you sabotage your success and create a plan of action to change your life.

Live your best life is the goal of this workshop! Be ready to be honest with yourself, to be kind to yourself and to be accountable for positive change. This workshop will help to get you there.

We will post the next workshop soon. Feel free to contact us to book a workshop or private consultations to work through this course.

I hope this workshop will be the beginning of renewed energy, self-love, forgiveness and understanding. My wish for you is that it helps you as much as it helps me. I repeat this course myself whenever I need to reassess my motivation for a fulfilling life. 


Personal Development Colleen Preston Author Presenter

Personal Development Colleen Preston Author Presenter